6.3 million

internally displaced people in the country

5.5 million

refugees living outside of Syria

11.3 million

people throughout the country are in need of immediate help and medical care

The situation

High-quality health care for victims of the conflict and displaced persons


The humanitarian situation in Syria continues to deteriorate. Over 11.3 million people throughout the country are in need of immediate help and medical care, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). After seven years of conflict, medical facilities, medical personnel and patients are still falling victim to targeted attacks. In 2017, Syria was considered the most dangerous country in the world for health care professionals.

The country’s health care system has been severely disrupted. In 2017, less than half of its establishments were still operational, resulting in thousands of deaths due to untreated injuries and diseases.

Syria is faced with a critical lack of access to primary health care services, and to services in sexual and reproductive health and mental health, especially for children under five years of age, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people suffering from non-transmissible diseases or forced to leave their homes, and for the elderly or disabled.

Additional support is also essential to respond to the desperate and urgent need for mental health and psychosocial services throughout the country.


Intervention regions: governorates of Aleppo, rural Damas- cus, Al-Hasakah and Dar’a


Our action

Since October 2012, Doctors of the World has been working with Syrian nurses and doctors to provide primary and sexual and reproductive healthcare to Syrians gathered in various camps and one village in the Idlib-nord region, close to the Turkish border.

The association also helps Syrian partners by supporting 21 health centres and mobile teams in Syria, particularly in Idlib, Alep and Dera governorates. The availability of medicines and essential equipment, which are extremely scarce in times of war, is assured through 10 local partners and the local medical staff are supported to ensure continuity of services in a situation where the authorities no longer fund the country’s healthcare facilities. Moreover, Doctors of the World is able to provide assistance with emergency supplies depending on how the situation develops on the ground.

What we do :

• Providing primary health care sexual and reproductive health services to Syrian women and men

• Providing a continuum of services and health care, now that public authorities have stopped funding the country’s health care infrastructure

• Organizing emergency assistance for use in emergency situations

• Support for post-operative care centres

• Training for the personnel at these centres on caring for victims of the conflict who have been mutilated and traumatized

Our Impact

Between 2017 and 2018 :
  • 700 000
    medical consultations offered
  • 22
    health care centres and Mobile Health Clinics supported
  • 140
    psychosocial and mental health consultations
  • 62 000
    sexual and reproductive health consultations

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